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Dark Spot Removal Specialist

Heba Farag, MD, FACOG -  - OB/GYN

Orange County Laser and Wellness Center

Heba Farag, MD, FACOG

OB/GYN, Aesthetics & Wellness Center located in Mission Viejo, CA

Everyone likes to have a sun-kissed glow, but after the summer fades, unwanted dark spots remain. To improve the tone of your skin, Heba Farag, MD, FACOG, at Orange County Laser and Wellness Center offers dark spot removal with advanced laser treatments. Call the Mission Viejo, California, office today to request an appointment or to learn more about dark spot removal.

Dark Spot Removal

What are dark spots?

Dark spots are caused by an excess of the pigment melanin and may appear at birth or after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or tanning bed. Though these minor imperfections in the tone of your skin may not be harmful, you may not like how they look. Dr. Farag and her team at Orange County Laser and Wellness Center can easily correct your skin imperfections with the advanced Icon™ aesthetic laser system.

How does dark spot removal work?

The advanced laser used for dark spot removal at Orange County Laser and Wellness Center uses FDA-approved technology to penetrate the surface of your skin and eliminate the excess melanin. Topical creams and over-the-counter remedies are only able to fade or lighten your dark spots on the surface of your skin, while the intense-pulsed light (IPL™) laser can break up the pigmentation under your skin for more dramatic, long-term results. IPL can also treat rosacea, red spots, sun spots, age spots, spider veins, and broken capillaries. 

The ultra-concentrated laser breaks up the pigmented skin into tiny particles, which your body then eliminates through your lymphatic system. The damaged lesions experience subtle desquamation and eventually slough off, thus revealing clear and flawless skin. Dr. Farag uses her advanced resurfacing laser to treat your face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs.

The laser skin resurfacing treatment can remove years of damage and restore your natural, youthful look.


What can I expect during dark spot removal treatment?

Dr. Farag performs dark spot removal at the office. You may experience a rubber-band-like sensation as the light energy targets your dark pigments. Your skin may be red at the site of your treatment, but these side effects should disappear quickly.

There’s no downtime following dark spot removal, so you can go right back to your usual day after your session. To get the best results, you may need more than one treatment with the laser. Dr. Farag develops your treatment plan before you get started so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

After your dark spot removal treatment, Dr. Farag recommends you avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours, as well as any strenuous activity that may cause sweating for up to 24 hours. You should see an improvement in the look of your skin within three weeks of treatment.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about dark spot removal, contact Orange County Laser and Wellness Center by phone today.

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